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Plastic Surgery Experience

Having worked in different regional centres He has been exposed to various aspects of Plastic Surgery.       

A. Basic Plastic Surgery 

Starting from basic superficial and full thickness grafts to designing of local and regional flaps, He has performed all varieties of grafts and various flaps described in books and published in recent  journals.  

B. Burns  

Having worked in several regional major burns centres, he has been exposed to all kind of major   burns, he has tackled alone all types of major burns right from initial resuscitation to operative   management through to post operative period. This   includes various forms of burns surgery including grafting of cultured skin. He has managed the short and long term complications of burns including different forms of surgery for burns contracture, reconstruction   of burns deformities with tissue expanders and other procedures for functional and cosmetic enhancement of burns deformities. Together with Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist He has planned short and long term rehabilitation of burn patients.

C. Paediatric Plastic Surgery

            (i)Cleft Craft:

 He has performed operations of cleft lip, cleft palate, palatal fistula, velopharyngeal incompetence, cleft lip nasal deformity. He has assisted in bone grafting of unfused pre-maxilla. He has been involved with multi-disciplinary approach of clefts and adjuvant speech and orthodontic treatment.

             (ii)Craniofacial Surgery:

Having worked for a short period in the Craniofacial Unit in Oxford and London he has assisted in operations of craniosynostosis, orbital hyperteleorism, hemifacial microsomia and some rare craniofacial clefts. He has been involved with A-O fixation of maxillofacial injuries.          

(iii)Congenital Deformities of Ear:

He has performed   operations on microtia, lop ear, cup ear, cauliflower ear etc.


He has performed different procedures   on hypospadius, hypospadius fistula, congenital short urethra etc. He has been involved with ureteroplasty, operations on agenesis of vagina and treatment of ambiguous genitalia. He has been involved with management of intersex problems and gender reassignment.

(v) Facial Injuries:

He has dealt with all types of soft tissue injuries of face including injuries on facial nerve.

(vi)Tumours of head and neck:

He has been involved with management of cystic hygroma, performed operations on thyroglossal tract anomalies, brachial arch anomalies etc.


He has performed some operations of ptosis.

           (viii)Facial Paralysis:

He has been involved with surgical treatment of congenital facial paralysis. He has also been involved with surgery of drooling in cerebral palsy.


He has managed developmental breast anomalies, pectus excavatum, tissue expanders, and spinal dysraphism.

(x)Upper Extremity:

He has performed operations on mutilated hands, tendon and nerve  reconstruction, replantation,  congenital hand  problems as syndactyly, polydactyly,  macrodactyly, camptodactyly, and clinodactyly. I  have assisted in congenital club hands,  pollicisation and composite free tissue transfer. 

(xi)Lower Extremity:

He has performed different   varieties of reconstructive surgery.

D. Cosmetic Surgery

He has enhanced the looks of people by performing         

(i)Facial Procedures:

He has performed procedures of chin and malar region with implants and also been involved with maxillofacial surgery. He has performed Facelift, Otoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Forehead and Brow Lift Chelioplasty, dermabrasion.


He has performed septorhinoplasty, aesthetic procedures on nasal tip, post traumatic nasal deformities and  secondary rhinoplasty. 


He has performed breast augmentation, breast reduction by different procedures, mastopexy, operations on gynaecomastia and     correction of asymmetrical breasts.      


He has performed face and neck lifts on cosmetic and non-cosmetic cases. He has performed submental lipectomy and plication of platysymal bands. He has been involved with several extended SMAS face-lifts and sub-periosteal face lifts. He has been taught endoscopic face and brow lifts.

 (v)Body Contouring:

He has performed abdominoplasty, suction lipectomy both with traditional methods and the new tulip apparatus, arm and thigh reduction ,medial thigh lift and contouring of buttocks. 

E. Head & Neck Surgery 

(i) Scalp/ Skull/ Forehead/ Eyebrow:

He has managed aplasia cutis conjenita, trauma to scalp, forehead and eyebrow. He has been involved with partial craniectomy and reconstruction of  skull and scalp defects.  


He has performed reconstruction of eyelids and ptosis correction. He has been involved with trauma to orbit, reconstruction    of orbit after exenteration and excision and reconstruction of orbit.

 (iii) Ear:

He has performed various types of surgery  for external ear malformations, microtia, macrotia and cryptotia, shell ear and satyr ear. He has performed reconstruction of ear by   various procedures.


He has performed excision of skin tumours and reconstruction of nose by various means. He has performed augmentation by bone and cartilage grafts.

 (v)Buccal/Parotid Area:

He has been involved with operations of lateral facial clefts, hemifacial microsomia. He has performed superficial and total parotidectomy. He has been involved with mandibulectomy, maxillectomy followed by pedicled and free composite tissue reconstruction. He has performed excision of malignancies followed by reconstruction with flaps like deltopectoral flap, lattisimus dorsi flap, scalping flap and free flap as radial forearm flap.    

 (vi)Lips and Chin:

In addition to cleft lip and palate He has performed reconstruction of  lip. He has been involved with sliding  genioplasty. He has performed chin and malar  augmentation.

 (vii) Oral Cavity/Pharynx:

He has operated on  ankyloglossia, macroglossia and cleft tongue. I  have been involved with surgery for drooling. He has been involved and in some cases performed major excision and reconstruction both by  pedicled and free flaps. He has performed  tongue flaps in closure of end palatal  fistula.              


I n addition to developmental defects in neck as branchial arch anomalies, webbing of  neck, He has performed several radical neck  dissections. 

F. Hand Surgery              


He has performed all types of  amputations. 


He has performed all types of small  joint arthodesis including joint replacement as Swansons and Harrison peg. He has  performed Stanley pin fusion of wrist and assisted in four corner fusion of the wrist.

(iii) Congenital:

He has been involved with correction  of club hands, pollicisation, management of  cleft hand. He has performed operations of  syndactyly, polydactyly, camptodactyly etc.  


He has performed operations of  palmer fasciectomy, release of carpal tunnel, burns contracture release and release of  intrinsic contracture.

 (v) Dystrophy:

He has managed reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

 (vi) Fractures/Dislocations:

He has performed  operations of external as well as internal  reduction with internal fixation including A-O system of plating. He has performed bone grafts and Herbert Screw.

 (vii) He has managed treatment of all infections including drainage.


He has performed micro neural repair and nerve grafting, dealt with neuromas and compression neuropathies. 

(ix) Tendons:

He has performed repair of  tendons, tendon grafts, Hunters's rod.He has performed different types of tendon  transfer. He has performed opponensplasty and other forms of tendon reconstruction. He has performed trapezectomy with sling procedure.


He has dealt with skin, bony, soft tissue tumours including ganglion.


He has dealt with all kinds of hand  trauma right from simple tendon and nerve reconstruction to complicated injuries of  nerves. This also includes management of mutilated hand and replantation.

(xii) Arthroscopy

He has been taught wrist arthroscopy.

H. Microsurgery    

He has performed micro neural, micro vascular anastomosis and replantation. He has been involved with free composite tissue transfer, free muscle transfer, vascularized bone grafts, toe-to-thumb transfers. Sometimes He has raised flaps for free flaps.

I. Reconstruction          

He has performed reconstruction of breast, chest wall defects, soft tissue defects of the lower extremity, various operations on lymph oedema,  reconstruction of defects as a result of pressure sores, reconstruction of eyelids, reconstruction of  traumatic severed ear and reconstruction of head and neck regions. He has seen free colonic reconstruction.

J. Other Trauma

He has repaired pre-tibial lacerations, operated on  different varieties of soft tissue injuries of the face, done different flaps on lower extremity. 

K. Skin Malignancies

He has operated on basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma and other rare tumours including Merkel Cell Tumour followed by reconstruction.