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If... by Aniruddha Bose

by Aniruddha Bose 

Murder Thriller, English
Hardbound, 400 Pages, 600 gms
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Price: Rs 500/- or US $25

Releasing on 3rd February 2021

Energy crisis… the buzzword of the 21st century…

With dwindling fossil fuel reserve and uncertain non-conventional energy resources, the whole world is searching frantically for a solution to this burning problem. A scientific minded Indian businessman stumbled upon an ancient recipe for an unending supply of energy and all the hell broke loose. With high stake at hand, all major international powers came into play, with a number of murders in succession. Eventually the bidirectional storyline meets in a circle.

If… is an amalgamation of science fiction with a thriller, a new genre embedded within a puissant human story. The novel presents bonzer ideas from the forgotten antique Indian scriptures along with cutting edge scientific facts about Black Holes, Super-Conductors, SETI (Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) etc. A must read for those who fancy thrillers with innovative scientific vision garnished with an icing of philosophy. 

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Review of Aniruddha Bose’s If…

Aniruddha Bose has repeatedly shown his exemplary skill in handling multitude of characters and multiple murders in so such a wide variety of ways, spanning all over the globe in his thrillers, that we lose count; be it Pursuit, Conundrum or Eternal Mayhem. If… is no exception. And if you thought If… was all about murders you are mistaken. You will be taken on a journey through our ancient scriptures on scientific facts coaxing you to question who invented what! A new source of energy, black hole, super conductors... all lined with the unmistakable Aniruddha Bose trait of underlined philosophy. It is doubtful if the reader can pin this novel to any particular genre... one shouldn’t venture thus. In all an enticing gripping novel and most intriguing for the scientifically inclined.

-by Purnasree Nag | 15-Apr-2020

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-by You Tube | 13-Jun-2020


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