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Beauty Enhancement

No cosmetic surgery is complete without the final touch up. That is where we experience yet another art, that of the beautician. Whether it is a final touch up to the looks or camouflaging a scar, the beautician comes in the scene. Sometimes certain minor defects especially in border line cases of scar revision where plastic surgery may not yield reasonable success, camouflaging the scar may be the only alternative. Some superficial peels are occasionally needed, where beautician can serve the purpose.

There is a beautician who provides these ancillary services. Ms.Gouri Bose of Shakamvari Body and Beauty Clinic , one of the most successful wings of SHAKAMVARI ” house in Kolkata provides this service. Shakamvari's journey started in 1981 to reinforce the concept of beauty.

The strength of the clinic is the honesty, dedication and expertise of Gouri Bose , the key person of the organisation. Her trained team are always at their best to attend the clients with utmost care. Gouri Bose has a diploma of an aesthetician from Shahanaz Hussain‘s Woman's World ( New Delhi ) in 1981. She secured diploma of aesthetician from International Therapy Council, London in 1991. She was first lady in West Bengal West Bengal to get a National Trade Certificate from National Council Of Vocational Training, Govt. Of India in 1994.

Gouri Bose is associated with fashion shows like Wella Hair Fashion Show at Hyatt Regency and Women Achiever's Show conducted jointly by Taj Bengal and Siana NC at Taj Bengal Hotel. She is covered by different TV channels, newspapers and magazines recently Reuters covered the same in BBC Channel. Gouri Bose conducts a beauty training school since 1983 and thousands of students from different corners of India , Bangladesh , and Mauritius are now successfully handling their profession. For two years Gouri Bose conducted Hair and Skin Care Course for Govt. of West Bengal from SHAKAMVARI, from where many students are absorbed as teacher in Government Industrial Training Institute. Ms.Gouri Bose is a member of expert committee for Beautician Training under Technical Education, Govt. of West Bengal.

Some services provided by SHAKAMVARI

  1. Fairness Treatment ( for All Skin Types)
  2. Superficial Wrinkle Treatment
  3. Skin Rejuvenation.
  4. Correction of Pigmentation Blemishes
  5. Ultra Modern Oxygen
  6. Ayurvedic Range
  7. Aromatherapy
  8. Thermoharb with electrotherapy
  9. Ozonised Ultrasonic Treatment
  10. Galvanic Stimulation


  1. Cosmetic Camouflage
  2. Corrective Make Up

Other Services

  1. Bridal Make Up
  2. Party Make Up
  3. Stage Make Up
  4. Day Make Up
  5. Pedicure
  6. Manicure
  7. Hair Fashions