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Cheek Augmentation

The height and projection of the cheekbones can be altered by the insertion of prosthetic implants, collagen injections, artecol injection and autologous fat implants or bony recontouring. Cheek implants can improve facial harmony by giving greater definition to the cheekbones. Cheek implants are silicone plastic shapes designed to rest on the patient's own cheekbones. These are usually inserted via a small incision inside the mouth. There is therefore no visible external scarring. Collagen injections can be used if a small increase is required. Unfortunately collagen is gradually absorbed by the body and top-up injections will be necessary at intervals. With autologous fat implants, the patient's own fat can be used to augment the cheek. The donor fat can be taken from the abdomen, thigh, neck, etc. and injected through a wide bore needle into the cheek area. This procedure is not permanent but seems to last longer than collagen. Post-operative problems are uncommon, but the following complications can occur. A full discussion with your consulting surgeon is advised.

Cheek implants can move out of position to give an asymmetrical appearance to the face. This is more likely to happen during the early post-operative phase. Infection can also occur in the post-operative period. The implant has to be removed and the infection effectively treated before re-insertion. Finally, cheek implants can produce a dramatic improvement in suitable cases and the result is permanent. Higher cheekbones tend to make people more photogenic. Collagen injections and fat transfer produce more subtle effects that slowly change back with time unless kept "topped-up". However artecol is amore permanent  solution .