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Communique For A Constructive Tomorrow

In recent times, the forms of communication have undergone a deep-seated metamorphosis. With the escalation of the ‘www phenomenon’ at whirlwind speed over past 8 years, a vista of possibilities has opened.  I call it the other form of 21st century Damien. Only the script has changed from the traditional 666 to www.  With its several plusses, it is a tool, yet to be handled adequately in productive fashion.  Whether Damien was in reality an anti-Christ, when the whole fable of The Bible was conjectured 180 years after death of Christ (vide The Christ Conspiracy by S Acharya alias D M Murdoch) in a Pagan format, for political control in the name of religion, is a matter for review in light of the new evidences. Without delving into the preached myth, which has mesmerised millions over centuries, not without bloodshed, the true form of Damien is yet to be ascertained in a new light, as of today.

Verbal communication, later depicted in a printed form became the mainstay of public communiqué. Over years, it evolved, almost unidirectional, with provider dispensing a collection of prime stories to a section of society, in a comprehensive printed form, which the readers could read over a morning coffee. The readers had but very little choice of counteracting its authenticity when served in breakfast platter. For centuries this remained the only avenue of delivery (not taking into consideration the rural tootles for smaller sections, where literacy was an issue). With the advent of the electronic format this dispersal of information turned instant than wait for next morning’s headlines. It also replaced the village honk, with instant delivery even to the illiterate. Over years, in the process of evolution, it underwent copious changes. 

In 1952 Keith Rupert Murdoch changed its format as News Corporation with its global expansion. As much as it acquired new territories of broadcasting, it slowly tainted the facts with slogan, depending on the sponsorship. Media industry thus transformed from a dependable way of communication, to a gadget of publicity and slogan, in tune with the amount of dosh shelled for a specific purpose. His legacy is still prevalent, barring a few. The downturn, like any other tool, was not adequately handled. This flared a discontent amongst its consumers. To make it more consumer friendly, interactive nibbles came forth. These morsels are mostly controlled by the deliverer, tailoring it to their ‘guidelines’ of the theme of ‘story’ they want to yarn. Apparently interactive, in reality it is an eyewash to endorse the slogan of the story.

It took years for the consumers to understand the concealed slogan machinery. The more they realised, more it fell into disrepute. Incompetent reporters writing features without adequate homework in sub-standard language were deviating the educated people from the print media. With newer market-driven management youngsters aiming for quick brass, the thought process was imprisoned amid the invisible cage of marketing and profits. They under-estimated the intelligence of consumer and failed to audit their incompetence in delivery. Endowed with a powerful tool, they knew not how to handle it for enhancement. Ignoring new ideas and creative outlook, they resorted to quick cheap spicy stuff than quality ones. The glossy tabloids made quick lolly selling semi-nudes, cultivating non-entities to celebrities and dispensing them for a quick kick. They were lagging in delivering quality. When sale figures dipped, they compensated it with overpriced sponsorship. The newspaper and electronic media gradually gave way to sponsorship of running their show than content of the show itself. This resulted in handing yet another powerful weapon to a bunch of dodgy people for endorsing their inferior products and politicians for ‘brain washing’ the masses in exchange of significant sum. In spite of their ardent efforts, most media are struggling hard to lift their balance sheet from the red zone.

News was no longer impartial. The collected content was tainted with colours to harp the slogan of the sponsors. These brought some entities into limelight, thwarting the development and growth of a stunted media. People, soon fed up, were in quest of other avenues to titillate their hunger for quality. In the midst of the decay the internet started expanding with social platforms offering a fairer playground to express opinion in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn etc. With mobiles and tablets becoming cheaper, internet easily accessible with increased connectivity, it soon became a primary mode of communication. The human interaction slowly waned to text messages.

The social media though 8-10 years old, is a tool still in its trial stage. An efficient platform, still in the hands of a crowd, who yet don’t know how to use it. Some use it as family album, others as publicity machinery, while still others as their hourly calendar, still others to fulfil their psychological inadequacy. While meant to be interactive and a platform for exchange of thoughts, it is still in its quiescent stage used as a multi-purpose platform. Whether it would survive in the long run or die a natural death like Orkut remains to be seen. The drawbacks of these platforms may not be apparent, but stealthily an element of commerce over quality runs as an under-current amid the flamboyant endeavours. Maybe the internet news and Netflix would soon take over others.

As much as the technological and internet boom has brought information to our finger-tips, the truth is ‘you can imbibe from the internet what is already fed in’. Any creative ideas are not always available in internet. The media gurus relish in vomiting information comprehensively, what is already in the net. It is a new form corporate marketing. I again say, corporate marketing. Corporate can market a commodity, but not ingenuity. Critics often criticize me that ample research is undertaken in a corporate milieu. But that milieu has its limitations in paucity of ingenuity. Genius’ cannot be manufactured. The spur, which is out of the blue, is a gift of God – one which perceives two entangled snakes as double helix, is the dream to be later established scientifically and technologically.

In the midst of doldrums, more chaos ensues, to relieve the confused mass in the direction of Pole Star of future. The tussle between Geocentric and Heliocentric would always be in dynamic equilibrium drawing a balance in arguments. It is equally important for a defiant, like Prometheus or Promotho, to kindle an ailing humanity out of eddies, to rise like a phoenix. As it has happened over centuries, might has always over-powered the right, until the right has been proved wrong. As much as it took 2000 years to acknowledge the myth of The Bible, it may take years for a Galileo to reinforce that the earth is round. The preached anti-Christ (vide The Atlantean Conspiracy by Eric Dubay) as mentioned by the 666, may be the true alien Christ. Until its true nature is conceived, it would be foolish to attribute any vanity ventures as one of tomorrow.

Until such time let’s keep the speculations aside and see the authenticity (to be proved) of any venture. It is the longevity on a stable foundation, which carves the path of future, one which can transform a coal into a glittering diamond is prime and sustaining. The rest would fade with passage of time. No matter how far technology progresses, it cannot supersede a dream like Pushpak Rath, later factually established as an aeroplane.  Facts can only establish the authenticity of a conceived dream. It is this rock groundwork, which form the bonding of a relationship, between deliverer and consumer, outside technological cacophonies.