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Cosmetic Surgery.... What is New

In the last one-year, new techniques of cosmetic surgery have emerged. Three years back, we introduced Botox to Kolkata in a seminar held at Apollo Clinic (Theatre Road). Since then Botox has been immensely popular to the extent, anyone in Kolkata started doing Botox treatment at a much cheaper price than qualified plastic surgeons. The competition became so intense at reducing the prices that the treatment price fell below the cost price of a Botox vial!!! Botox works well, but the only disadvantage was it lasts for 4 months.

In the last year, a new method of permanent treatment of forehead wrinkles and lifting chin has come up in western world and now available in Kolkata. This is by process of introducing special threads called CONTOUR THREADS or APTOS THREADS.  It can be done under local anaesthesia and probably slightly more expensive than Botox. Though, thread lift can be done as an alternative to face lift, I still feel its role in facial rejuvenation is limited to those who are not trained to carry a SMAS or a composite lift, whose results have been proved to have long lasting value.

We were using collagen fillers as Restylane in the past, but this also like Botox lasts for 4 to 6 months. We had tried fat injections, but they dissolve in one years’ time. As a permanent solution, I was not using either of these techniques. I was injecting Artecol, as Lemperle, who is the inventor of Artecol, had trained me. This need special training otherwise results can be disastrous. Recent reports have revealed they form granulomas in the long run. A more recent solution to this is use of Raviderm, which lasts for 5 years or Aquamid, which lasts for 10 years, which again needs training but have not been reported to have adverse effects.

In breast reduction and mastopexy there has been a continuous metamorphosis of technique. The aim has been to reduce scars and give a better shape. As cosmetic surgery involves fighting gravity, newer modifications of breast reduction and mastopexy technique have come up to fight the gravitational element. Will the breast remain lifted even after 5 years? The techniques practised by us are aiming at that, but time can only confirm its authenticity.

People have misconception about liposuction. Liposuction has nothing to do with obesity. Obesity is combined approach between a physician, dietician and plastic surgeon. Liposuction corrects body contour problem. The old theory of liposculpture preached throughout the world has disappeared owing to its incompletely trained abuse leading to serious contour problems. However, in trained hands, it still has a role.

Lip enhancement techniques have emerged for those who want to make it prominent.

With CONTOUR OR APTOS threads, a depressed look in the eyes can get a brighter appearance.

Practice of medicine is a process of evolution. Fashions change and with that, new techniques evolve to replace the old. Some stay, others, which cannot pass the test of time and clinical consistency wither away. Only what is genuine, authentic and proven lingers on.