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Do You Want To Evolve With Evolution

Bed of thorns shapes a new life of roses. The sojourn is a daunting task to face reality without the cacophony of pretences – pretending to be what one is not. Compromise is living a life on other’s terms. It is not a healthy way to happiness. Contentment does not mean to keep others pleased. On the contrary, it means actually being happy. When the happiness depends on synchronising to the tune of others, it is not real happiness. Rather a founding of personal identity in a society. That results in limitations to evolution of restricted persona fitting in the cloak of a social pattern. The ever-changing social milieu based on vested interests rips apart the persona of an individual and coaxes them to fit into their outfit. Most would term this as the way of living. Sociologists would term it as ‘man is not only an individual, but also a social being’. In reality, happiness lies in expression of self. Not on treading trends as the ‘society’ deems it best. Translating it to reality means unhappiness.

Humans are endowed with the ability to assess their value. How one uses it a matter of personal choice. Every individual is different. So no protocol ‘guru’ or ‘set social paradigms’ fit everyone. The stigma of assessing one’s worth on other’s recognition (with vested interests) is like sailing in an unchartered ocean of multiple sharks. The sharks reveal their truest colours in deep shadowy waters. All sharks have their own standards of truth and their own ways of disciplining dissenters. To fit into the mantle of the ever-changing colours sharks like guiding them to a ‘no man’s land’ (i.e. ignominious grave). It raises a realistic dilemma – do we need external endorsement to validate our own identity? In other words, when we have lost our identity, we seek validation from others to approve it.

Cultivation of energy for the deepest purpose in life is a way of freedom – freedom of running from obscured fears of seclusion. If not fitting into a social pattern gives the individuality – that is confidence, that is power, that is the truth towards purposeful evolution. Would you prefer to be a leaking vessel with guilt and shame of playing to the tune of vacillating social paradigms, or be truly happy? If it fits into one’s vested interests – bow, oblige, earn the rewarded awards to boost the hidden unhappiness and embellish the morale. Or adorn the discontent with someone’s feathers. When the crave of interests mellows, your persona awakens to the reality of happiness. The idiot compassion is the one that tries to get a feeling of importance on others terms. Be happy on the parameters defined by others? Or be the true self and radiate the concealed light to enlighten others?

It is pointless pretending to be ‘good’ trying to fit into a vessel with multiple leaks. The good would ooze from those un-identified leaks. That good may take one to a retrograde insignificance of having wasted a precious life.

Do you want to evolve in the journey of evolution?