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Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic Scars are difficult to treat. In dark skin there is an increased possibility of forming hyper trophic scars and keloids. So also it is common with the redheads.Keloids are seen in all races, but are more common in darker-skinned individuals. Keloid scars are abnormal scars that grow beyond the boundaries of the injury. For example, a simple ear piercing may lead to a marble size keloid. Keloid scars are difficult to treat and are many times misdiagnosed by physicians and patients. Keep in mind, when a surgeon performs a cosmetic procedure, scars are placed in locations that are cosmetically acceptable, unlike traumatic wounds.

Normaly scars do settle in a year to fifteen months time. If it tends to be prominent it is h y pertrophic, if associated with itching it tends to be keloidal.

Here treatment is long drawn with steroids and silatic gel sheet.