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Lip Enhancement

Lips , no doubt enhance the beauty of the face. The contour of lips and its lining relates to the overall facial profile. Enhancement can be in the form of augmentation or reduction. Augmentation can be done by natural or artificial tissue. Among the artificial tissue Gortex has been proved to be the most inert material.

Gortex to the lips, in our opinion, is the best permanent solution to small lips or for those lips that become thinner with age. Gortex has been used for over 20 years in the body and is very well tolerated. Prior uses include using it in bypass surgery long before it was used for ski jackets and gloves.

As a circular thread, the Gortex is passed deep within the centre of the lips to plump up the shape. Swelling lasts for several days and there is little discomfort associated with the procedure. This is performed under twilight anaesthesia.

Each Gortex treatment will make the lips about 30% larger. The more you start with, the more you will retain. Following the procedure the lip may remain slightly swollen for 1 month, at which time the augmentation is stable. The bruising and swelling can occur in varying degrees but it is usually not severe. It is not uncommon for one to resume their usual routine with just some applied make up 24 hours later. The sensation and the feel of the lips will be unaffected. Someone kissing you will not feel the gortex , however if you were to grasp your lip between your fingers you could identify the insert.

For those with thin lips a second procedure can be performed anytime after the first month. The gortex is permanent and will not absorb but can be removed for any reason by placing a small incision inside the corner of the lips and pulling out the threads. The gortex is extremely inert with rejection almost unheard of.

Localised infection is a possible complication. The gortex is simply removed allowing the lip to heal and then the procedure is repeated. The prior infection has no effect on the second insert.

This procedure is a relatively simple way to achieve the desired end result. The change is very subtle and as in most cosmetic surgery appreciated very much by the patient.