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Lyrics of Life - Ravi Ranganathan


It was a conflagrate gratifying experience to go through the poems of my childhood friend Ravi Ranganathan. Though he names his book as ‘LYRICS OF LIFE’, I feel the book should have been named ‘LYRICS OF LIFE AND BEYOND’.

Sorcerous perched at the postern of mortality, the obvious Saturn trait unveils as one reads his poems. Flashes of cherished childhood memoirs haunt the poet, as he reminisces in ‘hallucination’ of the karmic drudgery of his mother. The jaunt of life had alienated him from the splendour of the ‘dark clouds and the trusted rain’. In his quest of the Divine peace, an awakening dawn ‘Fame and glory will fade into dust, vain existence preceding vain death’.

If it be so, what is the nisus he aspires to milk in his lyrics of life poetic descant?

The mystic poet, without despond, submits at the crib of Nature ‘Uncontrollable sea, be not proud this shuddering exposure’ with a flicker of hope ‘Only this ray, only this gleam kindles the spark of visionary dream’ digs inwards ‘checking my urge to delve deep’ to ‘see light, truth ere you reach your graves’. The subconscious ricochets Saturn, where the mortality is quotidian grind, where the soul seeks to traverse the enigmatic horizon to the anon, be it under the counsel of ‘scholarly Guru Who knows the highs and lows of each and every voice’ or ‘Amidst Monks in ochre robes practising spirituality’. Often without aid in solitary rumination where ‘Shadows, insubstantial shadows keep hovering on the horizon’ with a Spartan zeal to taste the clandestine canopy of peace.

 In the ascent of Asthamangik Marg, the evolution embarks from unconscious to consciousness, to visualise beyond the paradigms of mortality the lyrics of life, where the ‘Death is whispering in Life’s ears to quell the unrest’. Life and death are two sides of the same coin, like daylight and darkness, or the circadian state of sleep and awakening. It is the soul’s yen to hear ‘OM’ (A-U-M) Anahat Nada or the vibration of the purest Supreme as in Manduka Upanishad - waking, dreaming and dreamless deep sleep. The poet yearns this transition as you flip through the pages of the book. This mission in many of his pieces cross the precincts of mortality to fathom the Supreme, sometimes through Nature at other times beyond.

He is optimistic the ‘Horizon Still Reachable’ as well as confident ‘I know I will clearly take off before the mayhem’ as he tweaks his soul ‘Put an end to this sempiternal show Tune within you as you bow’. This melody within, is the key spark for the soul to kindle in darkness or dreamless deep sleep, where it blends with the awaken.

Simple to the naked eye, all poems have a buried desire to attain the sublime peace beyond the fetters of mortality into a domain beyond.