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Path Least Travelled

Path Least Travelled by Dr Atanu Raha Reveals Many Facets of That Alien Forestry Path

No matter how many times we have tread the forest path, yet we are ignorant of the cloaked reality within. Dr Raha unveils it in real colours. It is not only a pathfinder to the realm of forests, but a plenary account of the path loved by many, yet not fully explored.

Written by a brilliant student of Physics who joined the Indian Forest Service (IFS) later retiring as the Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, it takes the reader on an in-depth journey into the essence of functioning of the forestry department with his hallmark contributions, as a leading environmentalist, to its melioration.  

Written in lucid English, it narrates in a story-like form, his journey of 35 years in various capacities, highlighting his contributions at each step of his career. It is not just a diary, but an in-depth insight into the running of the department with colligate real-life incidents which would keep the readers glued to the book, right from the start to its finish.

Having finished the book at one go, I realised, though I had traversed the forest route many a times, never realised there was so much to it, incognizant before reading the book. Right from establishing a healthy rapport with the locals, involving them in generating revenue to the use of GPS system for geo-tagging, many aspects hitherto obscure unveiled, as I read through the pages enriching my knowledge. The book includes several colour photographs of the ‘other’ described forest, a taste of which was depicted in his chronicle.

Those who have delved into the beauty of the Nature would know how its milieu interior is conserved. Equally, it would be an eye-opener to the fresh foresters of their journey ahead.