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Permanent Makeup

Cosmetic tattooing, permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup, permanent lip liner, permanent eyeliner, or even non surgical scar reduction treatment by micro pigmentation camouflaging. All of these refer to a means of applying pigmentation changes to a persons skin for the purpose of permanent cosmetic changes or post operative scar revision. Often these techniques are finding favor over traditional surgical revision. From the hectic lifestyles of today's working women, to the post operative patient desiring a scar reduction, micro pigmentation application is the choice of many people. It is effective, and usually only takes several hours when applied by qualified beautician. Permanent lip liner can usually be performed in 2-3 hours. Wanting to avoid the rigors of daily makeup application, many women turn to permanent makeup application.

Permanent Lip Makeup : involves enhancement through several different approaches. Different than it existed 15 years ago, current micro pigmentation of the lips is not focused on lip lining, as it is on lip colouring. While defining lines can be enhanced, today's active women have the desire to have naturally defined lips without the need to put on lipstick all day long. Lip colouring is the placement of pigments throughout the entire lip. This process takes into account skin type, desired base color, and current lip shape. The perceived fullness of lips can be greatly enhanced without the need for painful and temporary collagen injections. Lips have anesthetic applied, either topically or through regional anesthetic blocks administered by trained medical professionals. The procedure takes approximately two hours. The initial lip tone obtained immediately after pigment implantation will fade over 6-8 weeks. After this period of time a touch up to sharpen the desired color can be performed.

Eye Brows: Shaping and defining: The face maintains it's aesthetics through symmetry. The eye brows are a major factor in the perceived symmetry of a persons face. Unlike the eyebrows that were tattooed 15 years ago, today's beautician has been trained in the art of pigment application. Contingent on applicator selection and brush stroke, today's beautician applies pigments in feathering strokes to mimic the appearance of hair. This provides the person with a more realistic brow, enhancing the natural features. Micro pigmentation of the eye brows can be performed to replace eye brows that have lost their fullness due to age and hair loss, of to add defining tones to existing brows.

Eyeliner: Permanent eyeliner is applied by implanting pigments in the eyelid margin, right in the lash line. This free you up from having to apply eyeliner every morning or when getting out of the pool. The procedure is meant to provide a fine lined look that enhances the aliveness of the eyes, without creating a heavy makeup look. Heavier makeup looks can then be applied when necessary with traditional cosmetics.

Scar Camouflage: Many burn scars and post operative scars are now benefiting from micro pigmentation treatment. The procedure may take multiple visits, and 3-12 months to finish, but many scars that can't be surgically removed can be hidden with natural skin pigments. This can give the perception that the scar has been removed. Realistically, surgical scar removal never completely eliminates a scar. Surgical approaches simply modify or revise existing scar tissue. Micro pigmentation can augment surgical revision, providing the patient with a result closer to their desired outcome.