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Critical Review of the movie Raktokorobi


Critical Review of the movie Raktokorobi 
- A film by Amitabha Bhattacharya

It’s not often, I write a critical review of a Bengali movie. The reason obvious. With the degradation of its standard and enroachment by ‘cultural jokers’, its more or less a gimmick of a dying industry. When you are alomost on the verge of dispair, Raktokorobi spells a breath of fresh air amid the dying industry. 

The story with a philosophy from Tagore’s play ‘Raktokorobi’ is a director’s vision of future amid stark political reality. I will come back to the story presentation later.  The movie bears the emblem of a matured director, who is well-conversant with film-making. The direction, photography especially the lighting, the colour correction, editing would match any international standard. In a modern era, why do I hear an echo of Salil Chowdhury in most non-Tagore songs used in the movie? Is the music director Debojyoti Misra devoid of original authentic composition? The music, though appropriate lacks the creative insight. Among the actors Shantilal Mukherjee, Debjit Ghosh, Kaushik Sen, Rajesh Sharma, Ushashie Chakraborty etc all do matured justice to their characters. Only, one of main characters, Mumtaz Sorcar, falls behind from every aspect. She was a total misfit for the role lacking natural acting capabilities. 

I must congratulate the director Amitabha Bhattacharya for making such a movie amid the chaos - a forerunner of the future. We expect more good films from this talented director, so far in oblivion. 

Now coming to discussion of the storyline. A movie, whatever message it wants to deliver, must have a storyline. Occassional imageries are acceptable, but it shouldn’t form the main story. A good story-teller is one who can portray a message through its characters, rather than spelling it out as dialogues, which sounded more of a slogan than an art form. Films are different from theatre. In this movie theatre predominates the movie genre. Though editing is crisp, the conflicts of the characters through incidents should deliver the requisite pace. This is lacking in the storyline. 

Overall, its a well-made movie with a potential talent of future cinema. For those movie-loving buffs, I suggest watching this movie in Netflix.