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Scientific Theories in Literature

Fiction literature has predominantly been the forte of liberal arts folks inditing literary work with emphasis on incidents, interpersonal relationships, historical tales, social events etc. often blended in varied permutation/combination. The reason being, the exponents of fiction were usually from a non-scientific backdrop.

Life is a voyage flaunting its colours in a multitude cavalcade of veiled façades. In the year 2006, I sustained a fracture of tibia, which confined me in a wheel chair for 6 months. Continuing my hectic practice, even in wheel chair, my social life came to a standstill, as I was quarantined from my other vibrant activities. To make the best of my solitary internment, I resorted to my forlorn hobby to explore a bygone facet cherished in adolescence, fortified by my literature-loving engineer father and literary mother, until the coercions of my professional career jostled it to the archive.

To make the best use of this internment, I was toying with idea of picking my literary hobby into scripting a novel. 

Being a man of science striving to the literary realm, the Venn Diagram Theory of Mathematics forming the backbone of my debut Bengali novel ANWESHANlater translated in English as QUEST. Venn or Euler Diagram denotes all possible relations between a finite collection of diverse sets, each set consisting of multiple overlapping closed circles. The interior of the circle symbolically represents the elements of the set, while the exterior represents elements, not members of the set. If these overlaps could be taken as human relationships, then each such could be depicted as human relationship like parent-child, husband-wife, lovers, opponents etc. Human interactions could be depicted by the intersecting circles. The amount involvement could be denoted by the extent of imbricate of the circle. In spite of multiple overlays of varied degree, there is still a portion free of these intersects. That’s the discrete sovereign soul, free of burdens of interactive relationships. Here I strived to reveal the concept of home in an atypical light. 

Explicit relating human relationship, fertile enough to fulfil such a concept, regardless of their social stature and biological liaison. Here, I moseyed in the quest of humanity. In addition to others, the three leading vital characters are adeptly interlaced, throwing them into the vortex of intriguing modern life, where naivete gets drowned. They instantiate middle and upper-middle-class, full of fervent intensity, in search of an identity, to make their life evocatively stimulating. Lean captive souls, yen for freedom amid ubiquitous allure pleas. The principal ones under incidental pressure lunged by relation bondage, highlighting their dilemma. Do they possess rock-hard footing reliable enough to be the kernel of humanity? Bond of love tangled in the intersecting interpersonal relationships. Only when free from these, could one delve into their liberated soul – the portion free of these intersects. Amid the mortal pursuits, they are in quest of that profound core of their soul. Lending them a vent to the sublimity of home, beyond social paradigms. The novelconfirmed an endless journey of life with the hope to eventually realize, family is not always one’s flesh and blood, but feelings too. The extended relationships forming the essence, attained when flesh, blood with protein were fused to their pulsating heart. This new concept became an instant hit to the bestseller list, breaking all records.

My next science related venture was with another of my bestsellers TOMAKE later translated in English as THE MOMENT. It’s the tale of another realm. It conveyed a talismanic message from time's internal cave. How to apprehend the concept of time. 

Nothing new for two people to be beguiled by each other. This novel sees them in a new light. Is love and desire the same? Can these be put in the same paradigm of discernment? Is there a wafer-thin line delineating them apart, yet so close? Each have their own percept of the truth. Some would say love is abstract, desire concrete. Is it so? Desire could be abstract too. Could love, be explained by the chemical theories? Science has a clinical definition. Its cardinal is in certain hormones and cerebral neurotransmitters. Is bioscience the best alternative to its discernment? If so, the beauty of love would be lost in the scourge of fallacy. Is love a play of hormones and neurotransmitters? Is truth merely a perception of the apparent than absolute? Can a moment of pristine love eternally exist? This novella delves into the literary probe into the ever-eluding concept of love. An experiment in textual epithet of the blend of reality with fantasy.

The story-telling here was chronicledin the hoary ritual of the assibilation of a love-relation between a man and a woman in the form of a compendium of their passionate lyricallove-letters to each other, over a period of linear time. The two protagonists in this novel are in quest of that elusive answer, landing themselves in an eldritch cusp of time. As one letter follows to the next, the reader is deceptively led to believe they are into an orthodox love story, tactfully lulled to the safety of their known dimension, where time is linearconsisting of Past, Present and Future. They are forced to review accepted familiar social acuity of human relations on a linear time scale involving the Past, Present and the Future. The evolution of any such relation is a voyage from the Past to the Present onto the Future. 

Until their comfort artefact is shattered at the very end of this chronicle, with the concept of time transmuting from its linear dimension into its fourth Vertical dimension, the Vertical Time!In the light and shade of this abstract maze, the two protagonists are flung to their subconscious, titillating them to play the game of love over surreal time.The reader groks the incidents in the chronicle occurring concurrently. This deplumes their mirage of linearity to spring an awareness like an epiphany, truth and love can’t be qualified or quantified by only the linearity of the time, but by its absoluteness.  This cuts into the familiar mode of groking life, experience, feelings and relations. It takes the reader to an alien realm stimulating to volte-face the very reality of existence. It’s this cusp known in science as Vertical Time which is reverbed in the syllable ‘OM’, the original primordial creative sound from the humming cosmic energy also called ‘Anahat Nada' which represents the vibration of the purest Supreme or Universal Energyas depicted in the Manduka Upanishad. The three distinct syllables A-U-M as in OM represent the three psychological states - waking, dreaming and dreamless deep sleep. The fourth one, ‘Turiya’ is the state of perfect bliss where an individual amalgamates his identity with the Supreme. That’s where time stands still and veers away from the well-known linear movement. 

My next scientific infiltration into literature was with another of my bestseller CANVASE, later translated in English as CANVAS. Seven is a magical number in Nature. The seven hues of the rainbow are the kernel of the colours of the cosmos. Newton’s Colour Theory states the colours fuse to white in light or black in dark. These are perceptible platitudes of the spectrum. Beyond the visible, the ultraviolet and infrared play a sizable role for those who desire to look beyond the familiar pastels. Amid the identified colours of the canvas, only a few realise its significance. Those who can sense them, realise the mortal limitations onto an awareness to the realm of endless eternal bliss. An experimental novella, it dissects the prime female protagonist into the seven facets of feminine roles in society, like the motley prismatic array of the spectrum. The naïve college lass, the artist, the danseuse victim, the slut, the pro, the vocalist, the wife, the mother is a veracity of life’s ever-changing pennants. They are a deceptive mirage in pursuit for the eternal nirvana, amid their varied feminine facets. The seven dissimilar short stories of females in their diverse social roles, are entwined into a single novella.  Finally illuminating the readers to the cognisance of eventual mortal utopic nirvana in the nebulous cradle of peace, which many forget amidst their worldly chores. The mortal fiasco to find the real abode in the Universe, hailed by the hymnody of tranquil totality.  An eye-opener for those who aspire the sublime consciousness.

The next move into literature with scientific backdrop was my English novel ETERNAL MAYHEM. It’s spotless adrenaline raiser, a touch chalk and cheese grand narrative with numerous puzzling scientific murders occurring worldwide. This complex cliff-hanger keeps the reader’s adrenaline spurting from the onset as scientific murders take place in exotic global locations. Beautiful lassies, intelligentsia, global scientists are trapped in this white-knuckle masterpiece with all the twirl and twists that will keep the readers rapt. This volume is more than a murder mystery, to transport the reader from comfy lounger to a steaming isle, be it Bali, Fiji, Hawaii, Maldives, Bora Bora, Punta Cana or exotic nooks of Jamaica and Puerto Rico. 

The book based on the villain’s morbid idea of racial supremacy and the fascinating idea of creating a new genetically super-race by genetic manipulation.  The narrative deals with the avant-garde ontogeny of genetic science concocting with a global spread-out of locations and characters. The search for a pure Aryan Race through genetics isn’t new, but bottling it with a fast-moving thriller, the proverbial old wine is distilled to a new brand. This fast-paced thriller shifts from exotic locales to high-tech labs, from countries to countries, from continents to continents. Beauts mingle with astute scientists. Death comes all of a sudden. The gripping story has all the ingredients of an excellent suspense-thriller with liberal doses of sex and humour. In the process, the global scientific world of genetics gets swathed into the whodunit.  Amid the scientific essence of genetic cloning research, it’s a scarper from the familiar concepts, to the roots of civilisation with its resultant diversities. It reveals shocking truths, so far clandestine. The apogee seals in a startling eye-opening truth of humanity, offering a thought-provoking riveting thriller.

In the next English thriller CONUNDRUM, immix of mathematics with murder added a diverse taste. A serial murderer is on the prowl in metropolis Kolkata. Several seemingly wanton murders with murderer pre-informing of every murder to an astute Professor of Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute. The victims, of both genders, are from diverse social strata without obvious connection. Police is at a loss without apparent motif, patterns of them with murder-weapons off-the-wall but distinctive. Perplexing why this professor is hooked into it. Precisely, when a prehensile tech-savvy accoster logically kills people innovatively at random without an ostensive reason. Arcane when this smart as a whip proclaims the details of each victim before getting rid of them. A challenge! Chilling, when an erudite prof is looped into these freaky games. Apparently wanton without known motives ranging from classic greed for money and/or power, eternal lust for sex, the ever-present revenge for some real or imaginary crime, lofty ideals, does it have all furtively packaged? The question looms, can this intelligent prof rip this enigmatic sudoku?

It’s mind games in a scientific style. The apogee seals in a startling eye-opening truth, offering a thought-provoking riveting thriller.

Often people are reluctant to read scientific truths in a non-fiction form. These novels not only give common people a bird’s eye view of the subject, but for the discerning, a deeper insight into the relevant subject in a lucid literary form. If we understand the kernel of human life is at the cradle of Nature, science reinforces its truth in a logical form. If literature could be mingled with science and philosophy, it would exalt the knowledge of the readers, who seem averse to reading non-fictions. Icing with philosophical truths would leave the readers, something to ponder. Also ensure sustenance beyond the current epoch.