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The Bankrupt Media

From the ascent of Keith Rupert Murdoch in 1952, the media industry had taken a perilous path. It is no longer the echo of episodes around. It is ruled by what the sponsors desire the masses to imbibe. Their slogan is reflected in the amount of dosh they roll out for its publicity. Not without rewards. Corporates are not fools to invest without returns. The mass, no matter how smart they may feign, fall a prey to their trap. With time, its expression through several stages of mutation has undergone finesse in its delivery. With the advent of electronic boulevards, this sponsorship has attained hazardous fierceness with slogans under its veil.

The American elections use it forcefully for their campaign. Under the prevalent colonial mind-set, no wonder India trails the trait of the west, more so, with outbreak of new avenues of expression. The young journalists might ask ‘Should we follow guidelines laid by our masters?’ The hidden answer is ‘Obey or be fired’. In today’s world ruled by corporates, the crucial dictum is one who pays, has a say. The balance sheet is prime than the content delivered, to run an establishment without loss. The media gurus know it too well. Occasionally they perform well, minting the lolly, at other times, despite failures, they prod on, hoping for a miracle.

With technological progress, the rivalry between media barons have reached crucial heights. Often they taint the facts with their high-tech ad-libbing, to sell the slogan of their financers. Often it pays, even it’s veiled crap. Otherwise The Sun or The Daily Mirror would be burst long back. Often the impact it creates is enough to move mountains, especially in a democratic environ, where the masses are fooled into believing what is delivered of the shifting political saga. How many are aware of the hidden deals behind the scenes aimed at ‘designed firm mass indoctrination’? Even with their intelligence, they succumb to the finer media gruelling. Sometimes for pastime orgasmic flavour or foolishly believing it to be true.

It has always been over centuries. If the resurrection saga of Jesus Christ can be sold to billions over centuries, what’s wrong with media treading their shoes? Devotees would hardly believe anything except what they have been groomed by their habituated rearing.

People believe what is easy without thinking. They wouldn’t accept otherwise than tutored. The reason seems obvious. All want to be in track with the current flow, lest they fall out of their social environ as outcaste. Often intelligentsia and virtual achievers are hired for a lump sum, to echo their authenticity. The ‘intelligent fools’ fall a prey discussing the rationality of their arguments with ornate discussions in social media. But debates are nothing but orgasms of the impotent. How many use their intellect to analyse the validity of ‘behind the scene’ deals?

Their greatest drawback is failure of assessment, what is good for them. Mundane arguments leading nowhere may give them a biased false sense of satisfaction from fleeting public judgement. In no way does it contribute to their personal or collective progress. They waste their valuable vigour, which could have been used for fruitful pursuits. Thinking is too strenuous than giving imbibed net-backed opinions. In this age of ‘instant’ returns, prompt short-term entertainment lies in gratification than long-term productive efforts. Let those remain a fruitless passion for those ‘fools’ who can think beyond a prevalent practice.

People are in quest of cheap fun, either in the social network platter or in the rubbish churned daily. The media gurus call it TRP.  They cultivate non-specific entities to ‘a so-called celebrity’ vomiting them at the platter of ‘intellectual fools’. Not knowing is a nuisance. Limited knowledge’ about all gives them the satisfaction of completeness - a risky attire in disguise. Sponsored political crap is carefully orchestrated as the headlines to the consumers, unaware of the returns it might fetch. Does it matter to a commoner, who wins the election? For ages the poor have been duped to fantasising betterment like an inaccessible apple. Lucky they have never tasted it, or else, the evolution would take a regressive course. For others, who would be interested in political jargon, which political ensemble ascends the throne, if they haven’t vested interests linked?  Still for the lazing past timers it is useless pastime without cerebral input. Ideological support? Fully aware, political or religious supremacy has no ideology, except self-survival, ready to shift paradigms for retaining sovereignty.

In a critical economic scenario, the politicians hang the forbidden apple, to ooze out their electoral victory, cunningly overlooking their assured dreams. Dreams never turn to reality, except giving the disillusioned mass, a flicker of unfeasible hope. 

Incompetent reporters delivering features without adequate homework in sub-standard format wanes to a dearth of content in production. Outside the slogan or celebrity merchandise, they have very little to offer as ingredients of thought. Resultantly, content material is superseded by sponsorship ads to top up the revenues, which seem to occupy the bulk more than content. Energetic market-driven management youths aim for a quick brass, their thought process confined in the invisible cage of marketing and profits. In that process, they cripple the thought process of the mass, who could have been productive in their humble capacity and contributed to the society in a healthier way.

This is what I call the bankruptcy of media.

The autonomous rationality is vital for evolution of humanity. With it being thwarted, the money-oriented media play safe in governing the idiocy. Honest media should aim at nurturing it for progress of humanity than deterring the productive mind-set. How many thought provoking discussions or articles do we come across, to whip the young brains to deliver their individual fruit? Academic feats have limitations in a structured environ. The mind is an infinite reservoir of new fruitful ideas. Until such time, when the material mantle takes a balanced stance (an unrealistic expectation) evolution would be a ‘myth’ retitled in the inhibited milieu. 

Wake up folks. Time to think of what is beneficial to you than dance to the desperate survival effort of a bankrupt media.