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Thrillers - Yesterday To Today

In his book Poetics, the Greek philosopher Aristotle, asserted suspense is the fulcrum of all thrillers, with a fusion of trepidation, thrill, expectancy, anxiety, thunderbolt, collocated with a feel of pandering tensity, captivation, fright, fervour. The readers seize with teeth the plot, as it converges to an aleatory, cryptic and stirring climax, leaving them to ruminate.

Typically, a baddie-driven one, balked by red herrings, twists, to a bewitching cliff-hanger. Pigeon-holed, the author kills hope, elicits curiosity and springs surprise, out of the blue. This is the form the customary mystery, psychological, political or romantic sub-genres.

Gone are the days of ancient epics, Epic of Gilgamesh, Homer's Odyssey, Mahābhārata. The epoch has evolved over eras. So too, the art of modern story-telling. With respect to it, I’ve tried to carve a new scientific sub-genre – one of this century. The tradition of a prevalent concept of private detective is trompe-l’oeil. My entry to the ambit with novel perception, was flouting the abstruse private detective idea with a realistic one of this era. Among the legion deaths, deputed buffs could carry the probe. Many quotidian folks could astutely scrutinise the conundrum, until one hits the final bonanza.

With this scalage, it capsized the age-old detective myths initiated by Edgar Ala Poe, enthused by Eugène François Vidocq and Ignatius Paul Pollaky, in a realistic platform. Though probe was by apposite folks, solution came from the Jimmy. That led to my first crime novel CHAKRA (In Bengali 2010) later rendered in English as FULCRUM (2013), where in addition to heretical ways of many murders, the booklover is in pursuit of the killer-boffo duo. Later, in PURSUIT (2013) on global geo-economics. Besides innovative ways of homicide, I purported a profound insight. Subtly furtive of a reckoned prediction on global dynamics (surprisingly true 4 years after its release), I fused the missing outlook of tralatitious thrillers - a philosophy for humanity, where the traditional ‘protagonist’ waffles between perpetuator and philosopher.

Scientific thrillers involve a sixth sense into the core of science, history, evolution with a far-flung hawk view of human progress. ETERNAL MAYHEM (2017) is one of such kind spotless adrenaline raiser, a touch chalk and cheese grand narrative with numerous puzzling scientific murders occurring worldwide. This complex cliff-hanger keeps the reader’s adrenaline spurting from the onset as scientific murders take place in exotic global locations. Beautiful lassies, intelligentsia, global scientists are trapped in this white-knuckle masterpiece with all the twirl and twists that will keep the readers rapt.

This volume is more than a murder mystery, to transport you from your comfy lounger to a steaming isle, be it Bali, Fiji, Hawaii, Maldives, Bora Bora, Punta Cana or exotic nooks of Jamaica and Puerto Rico. This gripping craft keeps you on your feet, as the global scientific world of genetics gets swathed in the whodunit.

Amid the scientific nitty-gritties of genetic cloning research, it’s a scarper from the familiar concepts, to the roots of civilisation with its resultant diversities. It reveals shocking truths, so far clandestine. The apogee seals in a startling eye-opening truth of humanity, offering a thought-provoking riveting thriller.