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Vision Kolkata

Three small villages named Sutanati, Govindapur and Kolikata merged to carve a path to this large metropolis.

From the narrow streets of Nimtola, to the long stretches of EM Bypass and Rajarhat Connector and the emerging flyovers, from the small lanes of Baithakkhana Bazaar to the stretching malls of Forum, Metro Plaza and City Centre, from the dilapidated old mansions of the Babus, to the skyscrapers of the concrete jungle, from a joint family to that of a nuclear one, from the medical clinicians of yesterday, to a techno-savvy health arena, from the puratani music, to one of jibonmookhi gaan, from the days when people used to talk their heart in their own mother-tongue, to a new age Benglish way of speaking, -  Kolkata has evolved into a multicultural technological, progressive hub of western imbibitions.

In this process of imitation of the west, in the name of ‘so called progression`, Kolkata has forgotten, what is their own!  The confused society is running, progressing and achieving – but has lost its target. Materialism seems to have overpowered, the human being in them, to the extent, that assessment of life has equated itself to the achievement of social, material and economic success.

On the pivot of the old, can we build something for the new? We do have to learn and import the technology from the west. But in this process, time has come for us to audit, the immense amount of influence, that is readily floating into our being, to filter the vices and accept what is progressive, beneficial not only to our material endeavours, but also to our human soul. Quoting Vivekananda, who seems to be a forerunner, in this blend of east and west, we do have to accept technology from the west, but it is the west, which have to learn from us the philosophy of our soul! - the way to the complete fulfilment of our human being, in our quest for the eternal peace.

Let not, the past like Vivekananda, Tagore and Gandhi be embedded in the frames of our architect designed, colour shaded artistic walls. Let these fore runners show us the light, build the foundation stone of the next generation, on which we will endeavour to progress, with our new ideas and western knowledge, to build a Kolkata of tomorrow, where our authencity remains universal, unquestioned and carves a path to the international future. Let us not feel proud, in imitating the west. Let us talk, a new theme, to both the east and the west, a theme for tomorrow, a theme not only of material progress, a theme also of our spiritual upliftment. Let us not be mundane in the process of only taking and cherish our newfound success, in the confined walls of a small apartment in a multi-storeyed complex, where we become an island. Let us open our hearts and learn the technology from the west, but at the same time, look at our inner-soul and search for that peace. And, that peace lies not in taking only, but also in giving.

Let us build a Kolkata for tomorrow, where we perfectly blend the technology of the west, with our very own progressed inner-soul, in carving the future of the world. ‘So Ahang!` - it is I who has created this universe. It is not God, who is the only creator, let us pray to give us the powers to manifest our individuality and spread it to the future world. Then we will find, we are no longer alone, living in an island, the whole world is there beside us, in our complete being. Only then can we free ourselves from the finite boundaries of our thought and progress to the vast expanse of infinity.