Conundrum by Aniruddha Bose


What happens when a prehensile tech-savvy accoster logically kills people innovatively at random without an ostensive reason. Arcane when this smart as a whip proclaims the details of each victim before getting rid of them. A challenge! Chilling when an erudite Professor of Statistics of Indian Statistical Institute is looped into these freaky games. Apparently wanton without known motives ranging from quintessential greed for money and/or power, eternal lust for sex, the ever-present revenge for some real or imaginary crime, lofty ideals, does it have all furtively packaged? Can this intelligent professor rip this enigmatic sudoku?

As bright play brainy games with similar folks, so does the author Aniruddha Bose play mind-games with the reader in this puzzling mystery thriller Conundrum. This book adds to his new genre series of scientific thrillers in a new bird’s eye view never penned before. The apogee seals in a startling eye-opening truth, offering a thought-provoking riveting thriller.

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- Conundrum


Find us on facebook Thriller, English
Hardbound, 352 pages, 300 gms
Price: Rs 400/- US $20/-

Keywords: conundrum, mystery, thriller, statistics, Aniruddha, Bose, novel, smriti, publishers, computers, brain, programming



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